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Released Jun 14, 2013 Released Jun 14, 2013

Sweet Ermengarde "Raynham Hall"

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Country: Germany
Formed in: 2011
Location: Bochum
Members: Kuba Achtelik - Vocals, Lars Kappeler - Bass, Danny Elevator - Guitar, Rafael Skudro - Drums, Marco Förster - Guitar
One of the biggest discoveries in 2013 eventhough most memebers have been around the music scene since many time under different projects, the band was formed in 2011 and released the song Kisses which at that time was performed by no other than Jörg Kleudgen leader of The House of Usher, but the search for a singer continued and finally Kuba was found and took over...Raynham Hall was born.
One of the best albums released in 2013, 100% pure Gothic Rock music, I'm sure many great names will come to mind while listeing to Sweet Ermengarde but still the fact remains and it is clear that these guys have  established their proper identity in the Gothic rock scene, crafted their own masterpiece, and got the attention of all Goth lovers around the world.
1. Near Dark
2. Kisses
3. Raynham Hall
4. A Promise To Fulfill
5. Heaven's Far Away
6. For This Moment 
7. In The Time
8. Necropolitan Rest
9. Part Of Me


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