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Released 2001 Released 2001

Passion Play "Dreaming Spikes"

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Formed in 1994 in the UK, Passion Play created their unique music sound, and as the band's name implies, passionate melodies, intense lyrics dominates their sound. Lead by singer/guitarist and songwriter Justin Stephens, supported by guitarist/vocalist Linda Lloyd and bassist Mike Watkins, "Dreaming Spikes" was born in 2001 and songs like Frantic, Leaving, Caught by the Nails and the Missing Link made it to the playlist of each goth rock fan around the world.
The band exists no more but still you will definitely come back from time to time to feed on the emotions that their songs generate.
1.  Frantic
2.  Leaving
3.  Help Me
4.  Caught By The Nails
5.  The Missing Link
6.  Analgesia
7.  A Crystal Life
8.  Your Talons
9.  Could You
10. Perfection
11. Running On Empty


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