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Released Mar 14, 2014 Released Mar 14, 2014

Christine Plays Viola “Vaccua"

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The boys from Italy are back!
After giving us a taste of what's to come through their EP Leocadia in 2013, Christine Plays Viola is back with their second full-length album called "Vacua" which will be released on " Cold Insanity Music "in March 2014. The album is inspired by the "Black Paintings" of the Spanish painter Francisco Goya, it's a mixture of Gothic Rock/Post punk music, carved with their unique complex dark  sound.

1.  Awakening Of The Damned
2.  Wrapped In Spiral
3.  Slaughter Of The Black Sun
4.  In Silence Withdrawn
5.  Threatening Clouds Of Surrender
6.  Near The Entrance To The Underworld
7.  Scattered In The Dust (Slay With Dismay)
8.  The Dawn Of The Beastmen
9.  Rejecting The Limitations Of Fate
10. Leocadia
11. Appointment With Death
12. Wooshing Dissolution
13. Sublime Ravings
14. Sharp Impulse
15. Thirst For Justice


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