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Released Apr 19, 2014 Released Apr 19, 2014

Winter Severity Index "Slanting Ray"

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Winter Severity Index plays coldwave/ post-punk of a different class. After releasing 2 EPs in 2011 and 2013  both italian ladies Simona Ferrucci (voice, guitar, bass, drum programming, lyrics and arrangements) and Alessandra Romeo (synths and keyboards), returned with their first full length album, “Slanting Ray”.
Frankly it's an album for the blurry cold days, not an easy one and at first it will be tough for you to hang on to the melodies but with a few listens be assured it will seduce you, it's all about the mood and the atmosphere it creates with all these powerfull bass lines, jangling guitars and captivating vocals. If you're into old school Coldwave/ post-punk music then this is the one for you.
1.  At Least the Snow
2.  Ordinary Love
3.  A Sudden Cold
4.  Bianca
5.  The Brightest Days
6.  Fishblood
7.  Lighting Ratio
8.  No Will
9.  Compulsion
10. Embracing the Void


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