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Released Apr 20, 2014 Released Apr 20, 2014

The Stompcrash "Love From Hell"

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In Love from Hell you'll find a different mixture of genres, from Goth to post-punk to darkwave even 80s pop/rock comes to mind on some tracks but still with all this variety, the sound is consistent and well defined. In addition to the catchy melodies which are powered by the raging keyboards and Chris's vocal clarity and cool accent, you'll find that most refrains are easy to absorb.
This is the third full length release from this Italian quartet which was formed back in 2002 and I can say job well done.


1.  Love from Hell
2.  Jack
3.  Duality (feat. Andrew Birch - The Last Cry)
4.  The Dancing Ants
5.  The Last Goodbye
6.  Tonight
7.  Bloodnever
8.  Follow you
9.  On the Seventh Floor
10. Hunger
11. The Pretender


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