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Released May 23, 2014 Released May 23, 2014

Reptyle “Night and the River”

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REPTYLE’s third album, “Night and the River”, just goes to reinforce this reputation. The intimations of  2011’s “Corruption E. P.” fully come into their own here, with REPTYLE’s time-tested blend of anthemic tunes, scorching guitars and swirling atmospheres expanding into less-explored territory. Take the opener “Ghosts  and Machines”, easily the heaviest REPTYLE have ever done, or the mercurial rhythm of “Morning Heir”, or the rough-and-ready “Pictures that Stay”… Having said this, REPTYLE never neglect their core competen-ce, turning out anthems other goth bands would kill for with an almost casual ease; and, in fact, it is songs like What’s in a Moment”, “The Long Last” or the monumental title track which burn the longest and deepest in the listener’s mind.
In a nutshell, “Night and the River” shows what sets REPTYLE apart from legions of faceless darkling wannabes: Sophisticated songwriting untainted by platitudes and clichés; a healthy dose of sonic aggression honed in scores of live shows; and an unpretentious kind of catchiness shining from the rugged depths.
1.  Ghosts And machines
2.  Morning Heir
3.  What`s in a moment?
4.  The Age Of Love
5.  Night And The River
6.  Ghost Ships For Tomorrow
7.  Ways Of Fate
8.  Rose Imperial
9.  The Long Last
10. Pictures That Stay


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