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Released April 25, 2014 Released April 25, 2014

All Hallows Eve "The Dreaming"

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After their Debut self-titled single which was released in 2013 here comes "The Dreaming". Composer/ producer Tom O’Connell (Traumtaenzer, House Of Usher, Dracul, ex-Garden of Delight),  bassist / guitarist Lars Kappeler (Sweet Ermengarde) and Mike Shaw (drums) created an impressive mixture of Dark, Melancholic, Dreamy Goth sound, with great names on every track of the album, like Myk Jung (The Fair Sex), Marion Küchenmeister (Invisible Limits), Ashley Dayour (Whispers In The Shadow), Mike York (KALT, ex-Garden of Delight), Jörg Kleudgen (House Of Usher) and many others.

So just imagine the outcome of this mixture of talents and without comparing this project to any other, I can say they built a fascinating album with a perfect production. Don't miss this great release, which is one of my favorites so far for the year 2014.

1.  Siren (feat. Bianca Stücker & Jörg Kleudgen)
2.  The Dreaming (feat. Rachel Speight & Mike York)
3.  Deep Water (feat. Bianca Stücker)
4.  Innocent (feat. Marion Küchenmeister)
5.  All Hallows Eve (feat. Tim Chandler)
6.  Fade in Silence
7.  The Hourglass (feat. Rachel Speight)
8.  Until the Dawns..... (feat. Ashley Dayour)
9.  Todays,tomorrows Past (feat. Myk Jung)
10. Compass (feat. Ala Sharon Fries)
11. Fade Away (feat. Rob Leydon)


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