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Released May 26, 2014 Released May 26, 2014

People Of Nothing "People Of Nothing"

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First I'd like to introduce this band by including some info taken from their biography published on their Facebook page:
" People of Nothing is a cold wave/indie group established in Dublin by multi-instrumentalist Florian Chombart. influenced by late 80s post-punk, the group’s sound oscillates between soaring, cinematic synths, industrial beats and shoe-gaze guitar."
I heard this band around end of 2013, when they released their single "A Break To Cry", they had my full attention, my curiosity was activated and the comment was, 'I need more..." so here they are with their self-titled debut album; they created an emotionally charged atmosphere with their thrilling guitars, elegant vocals and they made it more exciting by adding a dark touch and and some experimental and shoegazing elements.    
An interesting new release, out on Anywave records, try not to miss it.
1.  Hold
2.  Haircut The Grass
3.  My Stain
4.  A Break to Cry
5.  Hoax Nöse
6.  Unforgettable
7.  Love Action
8.  Hour Days


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