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Released Jan 27, 2014 Released Jan 27, 2014

Readership Hostile "Readership Hostile - EP"

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I will state the band's line up and I'll leave it for you to imagine the outcome...
Adrienne Pearson (formerly of Radio Vago and Shoot Out The Lights); guitarist Benn Ra (Hatesex / Frank the Baptist); drummer Christian Omar Madrigal Izzo  (Rozz Williams / Chokebore); and Brit bassist Paul Rogers (Jonneine Zapata/Arithmetic of War).Madrigal Izzo.
From Los Angeles a new post-unk, post-goth, post-psych project...
1. Shadows of Pure Delight
2. Snowflake on My Tongue
3. Ghost Lived Fire
4. Failing Fools
5. Damaged Parts
6. Tainted Pale


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