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Released Jun 1, 2014 Released Jun 1, 2014

Keluar "Keluar"

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Keluar takes you by surprise with their dark, mysterious music which is blended with the seductive voice of Zoè Zanias. Their laboratory of sound produces a combination of melodies that gain quickly your admiration just like an experiment that is, a success from the first shot and at the end of each track you're left wondering how the next one will sound like. 
Keluar is Zoè Zanias and Sid Lamar and they play Cold dark minimal synth wave.
1.  Cleo
2.  Surface
3.  Fractures
4.  Detritus
5.  Eremus
6.  Rupture
7.  Fusion
8.  Vitreum
9.  Threads
10. Coralline
11. Ennoea
12. Rivers
13. Cleo (Soft Riot Remix)
14. Coralline (Distel Remix)


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