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Released Feb 21, 2014 Released Feb 21, 2014

The Beauty Of Gemina "Ghost Prayers"

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With "Ghost prayers" the borders are open, no specific genre to relate to, frontman Michael Sele expanded the sound, with a different approach in songwriting and composition, creativity has its mark, and the mood is balanced, light and optimistic from one side complexe and melancholy from another. It is definitely something different from what we've heard before, but still it is a work of art.
01. One Million Stars
02. All Those Days
03. Hundred Lies
04. Dancer On A Frozen Lake
05. Run Run Run
06. Down By The Horses
07. When We Know
08. Dragon
09. I Wish You Could Die
10. Time For A Heartache
11. Mariannah
12. Darkness


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